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Back and Forth We Rock

  Back and forth. Back and forth we rock. Your head nestled against my chest, listening to my heart beat. My chin rested on top of your head, breathing in your sweet baby smell. Back and forth. You reach up to touch my hair. For you, it's something new to play with and feel, but for me it's a sign of endearment. Your little body snuggled up next to me so close, I know this moment won't last forever. We just sit there, taking in the quiet and soaking up each other. For in this little moment, I'm your whole world. Back and forth. I could lay you down in your crib, but I want to savor this moment. One day you won't let me rock you. Someday you won't let me cling on to you and hold you like this. So we rock back and forth into the night, holding each other so tight. And I pray, "Lord, don't let me ever forget this, please help me remember it all. And please, God, please, let me rock them a little longer." And so we sit there and rock. . .back and forth

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